Coded Prep Sheet WordPress Plugin for FitFoodsrx.com

Posted 10 January 2019

Coded Plugin for Collecting Total Ingredients for orders which within specific time period. Plugin get all orders from specific time period and will count and measure all ingredients was needed for those orders. It helps to perfect future budget. And reduce the waste level of ingredients. Track cost how much actually cost for real orders and how they spent on the ingredients. Client is so happy because this increases the profit and reduces the cost

1. I used To Woo-Commerce API to collect all orders
2. And added Metabox for all Product to add ingredient and the measurement with WordPress core
3. I collect all ingredients from product metadata using WordPress core
4. And We used PHP OOP , PHP classes, logic and functions for calculate the order total and ingredients
5. Added WP Admin menu and Forms for generating report With WordPress core and PHP
6. Client they able to choose date interval then generate the report from WP admin page
7. Generated data added in to excel and will download I used to code PHPExcell with PHP
8. And Also add in to DB for later use and listed on WP admin below the form I used WPDB API with WordPress core
9. And also they able to delete files if they don’t want because may in future they don’t want to mount unwanted reports in server